Oh my, what should i wear?? This is a work in progress blog!

The start of your epic wedding journey often starts with a casual meet with your potential photographer, where we’ll chat about what you’d like me to capture, my style of photography and so on. Hopefully you’ll have got a glimpse of my style already through browsing my portfolio! Once you’re happy to book, the next step I would suggest is to have a couples/engagement shoot. This really helps us get to know each other and is great for loosening up any nerves if you’ve never had professional photos done before!

As a bonus, you’ll see that with my top package, this shoot is included – if you opt for either of the others, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get this as an add-on for £150. So the Platinum package is definitely your best option if this shoot is on your list!

So, what should you wear when you rock up for your engagement session?


Maybe not this!

I'd definitely advise to steer away from anything too garish or anything with a logo on. Aim to not clash colours with your beloved! I'm not saying, leave prints at home - I've nothing against patterns or colour! Aim for something to complement each other and you'll be good to go!

This doesn't hit the spot either!

Matchy matchy looks great.....if you're young enough to carry it off! These twins look adorable, but as a couple, maybe not so cute.

True love, captured!

Don't overthink it too much, jeans and neutral colour schemes work fantasically well for anyone. Nobody's saying you've got to stick to this, in fact a nice bit of plaid or contrast can look great too! Maybe leave out the heels for a beach shoot though, or you'll get sand between your toes!

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